Goodbye Pai

Paola and I went on a girls advenutre out to Pai, which is a 3-hour bus ride west of Chiang Mai.  Pai is a great little town with lots of outdoors activities to do.

For those of you who have done the drive over Chehalem Mountain, you will have an idea of what the drive out to Pai was like.  Imagine THREE hours of twisting, turning, steep, sharp hills and curves, with a crazy driver passing other cars on blind corners, sitting in the very back seat of a cramped, hot 12-person van… not fun.  Especially if you’re prone to car-sickness like I am.

Our time out in Pai was wonderful, even with the terrible car ride.  We went tubing down the river and had some amazing views of the countryside, rented a motorbike and explored a waterfall and some hot springs, and ate some delicious local food.  Most of the restaurants/cafes reminded me of Eugene.  It had an earthy, natural, hippie vibe to it.

I am now back in Chiang Mai, waiting for the overnight bus to take me down to the old capital, Ayutthaya.  I have another four hours to kill before my 10-hour bus ride.  Yikes.  In Ayutthaya, I will be doing a homestay where Urai (my house mom) will be cooking three meals a day for me.  Then it’s back out to Chonburi to gather the rest of my belongings, back into Bangkok, and then flying out on the 11th.

Pictures will be posted by the 12th.  🙂

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