I’m So Lucky

I was sick for the past four days or so.  Super sick.  I was afraid to eat food, and I love eating food.  I think it was the combination of the awful car ride back from Pai and the sketchy looking “pork” I ate in Chiang Mai.  Either way, it made my homestay relatively uncomfortable.  Urai kept making me delicious Thai food, but I was too afraid to eat it.  I ate a bit of everything out of politeness, but faced the consequences soon after.  Bah.

Even through my sickness, I find it hard to really complain.  Gosh, I just went on a month-long paid vacation to Thailand.  I met a ton of amazing people, ate some delicious food, saw some cool temples, and got to play with tigers and elephants.  I am an incredibly lucky person.

Another plus: I get to play soccer again!  My hamstring seems to be completely healed and I have been running and lifting weights on my legs again.  Yay!  I’m playing in a pick-up game on Thursday on a rooftop in Futian.  It should be interesting!


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