Kids Eat the Darndest Things

Today in class, one of my students had a large bottle of antacids.  He asked me, “teacher, do you like to eat these?”  I replied, “sometimes, but this is medicine.  It is for your stomach.”  To which he replied, “but there is sugar.  I like”.  For the rest of class, he was popping those antacids like they were skittles.  I have also had a student give me a cough drop to eat as candy.  Hmm.  Tasty and delicious!

On another note, one of my favorite students invited me to her birthday party this weekend.  First, they’re going shopping, then they’re going to karaoke, where they will have their birthday cake.  I’m not quite sure what to do in this situation… should I make up an excuse not to go?  Should I go?  Do I get her a birthday present?  I’m not very clear on the etiquette here…


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