Kota Kinabalu

Last week, I was informed that my students don’t have class for the upcoming week. It’s some sort of sleep-away camp where they learn practical things like cooking. That’s pretty much all I know about it. 

I decided that now would be an opportune time to go on a trip. Japan didn’t quite work out due to time, money, and convenience restraints (plus, it’s super cold there right now). My next option was somewhere warm and cheap. Flying to Malaysia was both of those things, so I booked my ticket on Friday and flew out on Saturday. 

I safely arrived in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, last night. I was expecting warm, humid weather. Instead, I got rainy, humid weather. The ten-day forecast is scattered thunderstorms. Perfect. At least it was warm and cloudy today.

So far, I haven’t been too impressed with this so-called “paradise”. The beach that I heard so much about was dirty, and I was informed that the water running from a huge pipe into the ocean is in fact, sewer water. This area is also known for its purse snatching and murders.

While reading on the beach, I was approached by someone wanting me to take his picture. I obliged, then sat back down with my book. He asked if he could join, to which I replied “sure, but I just want to read”. Then he continued talking to me about anything and everything. After about 15 minutes, we exchanged e-mail addresses. He was keen on taking me to eat local food. He said that he could be my local tour guide. He asked where I was staying, and I lied and said that I forgot. 

Mom and Dad, no need to worry. I have absolutely no intention on going out with this guy. I figured that an e-mail address would be harmless and it would get him off my back. Plus, I just watched “Taken” and that movie scared me out doing anything even remotely sketchy. 

Anyway, I digress. Another reason why I’m not so impressed with this place is the food. It would be great if I was a seafood lover, but I’m not. With such easy access to he ocean, seafood is everywhere. I miss my tasty Thai food.

However, there are some benefits. While my hostel is far from the city center, I am a mere 100-meter walk from the ocean. There is a beautiful newly-built park right next to he hostel where I can safely go running on a sprawling track that circles the park. It is safe even at night because there is a daily light/music show that coordinates with the fountains. It’s beautiful and it attracts hundreds of people. I will go back tomorrow with my camera.

It’s about 9pm and I think I will go to bed in the next few hours. Since I’m alone in a not-so populated area, I will not be doing any night wandering. Hopefully I sleep better than I did last night. (I was up until about 5:30am tossing and turning because I slept in until 1pm that day and slept during my 3-hour flight).

The forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy with some sun. Here’s to hoping! 

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  1. jonviducich says:

    Okay, did you ever know Brad Fish? I don’t think I knew you when I knew him (he went to Poynter, and then Century/Liberty), but I remember that he used to pass through K.K. every summer. That isn’t actually relevant to you, at all. Ha. Hope you’re well, friend. 🙂


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