Lazy and Loving It

I have been enjoying an 8-person dorm room to myself until last night, when I was joined by two Taiwanese girls. We stayed up late talking about our trip, China, Taiwan, and anything else that seemed interesting. It was nice to talk in Mandarin again. They had to catch a flight early this morning, so they were up at 5am to leave. I was under the impression that they would wake up and quietly slip out the door. Oh no, they were up from 5-6am with the light ON. Luckily, I’m on vacation, so I slept in until noon.

I went outside to discover an absolutely gorgeous day with blue skies and a light breeze. I marched right down to the beach, laid down, and read my book. There was virtually nobody else on the beach so it was very serene.

Remember how I told you about the creepy-ish guy from the beach yesterday? Well, today, I was that creepy person. I am adamant about sunscreen application, but it’s hard when I’m alone. I can get my whole body by myself, except for that pesky upper back. I saw three 15-year-old girls walking by, so as not awkward or creepy as possible, I asked them to get my back for me.

Creepy? Probably. Sun smart? Definitely!

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