Luohu Commercial City

Friday was a huge day of shopping for me.  Instead of going to the usual place (Dongmen), I went to Luohu Commercial City.  I was told that it has a lot of great souvenirs and that a lot of foreigners shop there.  I went there with a handful of cash and my ATM card, prepared to spend lots and lots of money on obscure Chinese presents.

I went with Tremayne and Mike, which made me more of a target by desperate shopkeepers.  When we were outside the building, a man quickly approached us asking us what we wanted, where we wanted to go, and he continually invited us to his shop.  He would not leave us alone.  He literally followed us up the escalator, into the building, up another escalator, and even waited around while we shopped at other shops.  He refused to take “no thank you” for an answer.

Mike flew out on Saturday at 1am for a 40-hour journey back to Boston.  His terrible travel schedule makes me thankful for living on the West coast.  I leave China at noon on Thursday and get into Portland at 4pm on Thursday.  Woohoo for super fast jets that only take four hours across the Pacific!  I jest, I jest.  It’ll be a very long trip.

That same night, I had my last football match.  After the game, my team threw me a going away party and then we watched the Manchester vs. Barcelona championship game.  The game started at 2:45am so needless to say, it was a very late night.

On a separate note, why are people so pushy?  I understand that this is part of their culture and whatnot, but holy canoly, it is obnoxious.  When I was in the customs line, there was a woman behind me who kept bumping up against me and giving me flat tires.  She was literally breathing down my neck the whole time, as if her pushing me would make the line move faster.

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