Coron Super Ferry

We took a 12-hour overnight Super Ferry from Manila to Coron and arrived this afternoon at 4pm (a bit late).  It was supposed to leave at midnight last night, but was delayed by two hours.  The Super Ferry only runs once per week, so our stay here will be relatively limited as we have to leave on Sunday at midnight. 

It was a lot bigger and nicer than I originally imagined.  I thought the boat would be small and it would rock all night, making our 12-hour boat ride miserable.  The boat was relatively large and  seemed like a cruise ship (without all the cool stuff to do).  We went through a significant amount of security checking, including a drug-sniffing dog and photos.  As we walked up the stairs, friendly Filipino employees greeted us and helped us with our bags, just like on a real cruise ship.

Then we got to the sleeping area.  It was similar to being on the bottom level on the Titanic.  The beds were bunked, one after the other, with sweaty people crammed into a low-roofed room.  When we got there, there were already people passed out on their beds with scads of children crammed into the nooks of their beds.

It was relatively pleasant when we went to bed since it was late and most people were sleeping.  But waking up this morning was terrible.  I felt like I was camping because most people get up when the sun comes up and you can hear them screaming and talking outside your tent.  It was just like that on the boat. I first opened my eyes at 6am when I heard the 5 kids on the beds next to me screaming and playing some sort of game.  I did my best to glare at them but they didn’t seem to take notice.  Boo those kids.

Tomorrow, we will go on a 4-island boat tour where we can do snorkeling and some “hiking” (he said you can wear flip-flops on the “hike”).

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