Bucket Shower

Every other day on the island of Coron, the water shuts off. Most places will store water to help get them through the days without water. Upon my return from an hour long workout, I discovered that our hostel apparently forgot to do that.

The result? Bucket shower.

Basically, there’s a huge bucket in the bathroom full of water. I used a large scooper to pour water on myself while I hastily washed off a full day’s worth of sweat and dirt. At least it was hot outside or else it would have made a miserably cold shower.

Today, we went on a four island excursion tour. The weather was amazing, the water pristine, and even the lunch they served us was delicious. We got to go to a lagoon where you swim through an underwater cave (it was only about 10 feet long).

There were, however, a lot of tiny jellyfish in the water that stung me about ten times. They weren’t so bad. It was the jelly fish the size of my fist that scared the bajeezus out of me. I’ve never seen a brown jellyfish like that before and I hope that I never do again.

You’d think that the day couldn’t get any better… But then, we found an all-you-can-eat dinner for $4. Yum yum.

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