Just Like In The Movies

We scrapped our return ferry tickets so that we could spend few more days here and not have to endure the seemingly never-ending ferry ride. Instead, we booked $35 airline tickets to return to Manila tomorrow so that we can fly to Boracay on Thursday.

Today, we went on a 2-hour mountain biking and kayaking excursion (although we didn’t go kayaking because it was pouring rain wih thunder and lightning). This was easily my favorite excursion that I have done. Ever.

We took an hour long ferry out to a small island. The mountain biking was exactly how I imagined it. We went through at least ten streams, up steep hills and over rocks and twigs. It was a great workout and I was drenched in sweat by the end. I was almost expecting the tour guide to be like Jason and be shouting and encouraging us to push our bodies to the limits. His name was Yah-yo and although he was middle aged and relatively quiet, he was a great tour guide.

If I could change two things it would be the following: I wish I wasn’t wearing jean shorts (my athletic shorts were at the laundry) and I wish the bike ride was longer. I think it took so long because we had to constantly take breaks due to faulty bikes and tired companions.

Besides only havin water every other day, Coron Island constantly experiences brown outs. Tonight during dinner was the third one we have experienced since we’ve been here but it was not the worst. The worst was when the power went out from 2:30-5:30am and we were ledt without our A/C and fan. The only way that I could go back to sleep was to put my head under cold water for a few minutes. At least it cooled down a little bit today from the rain.

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