Restaurant Ponderings

Eating in the Philippines has a few differences with Chinese restaurants that I have come to appreciate (mostly).

If you go to a restaurant in China, they will give you one menu. If you’re in a huge group, you might get two. This is because one person usually, if not, always, pays for the bill. This person is also the one who orders all the food. In the Philippines, we all get our own menu. This might seem trivial but it’s nice to have your own menu.

In China, you do not tip. Ever. In the Philippines, you tip everyone prerty much for everything.

In China, meals are eaten family-style, so as the dishes are prepared, they are brought out to the table. People do not wait for others to get their dishes to begin eating. In the Philippines, the dishes are all brought out at the same time so people usually don’t have to wait to eat while their dish gets cold.

VAT in the Philippines. Boooooo!

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