Goodbye Philippines, Hello Japan!

It’s such a nice change to go from China to the Philippines. People there are extremely friendly and most of them speak English. I can even wear my bag on my back without fear of getting pickpocketed. Everywhere you go, people will say “good morning, ma’am” or something polite like that. It is refreshing.

There’s a club in Boracay that my friends and I visited a few times this week. The bartenders invited me behind the bar to help them get drinks. Even the owner of the bar was really cool about it and invited me behind the bar again the next night. I asked one of the bartenders what they do when it’s slow, and his response was simply, “we dance!” I looked at the other three bartenders and servers and sure enough, they were all dancing to the music. Awesome.

I left Boracay early his morning for the ferry terminal. One bicycle taxi said he would take me to the ferry for 50 pesos. I agreed and got into his taxi. Then he took me to the end of the road which was maybe a 40 meter trip and he said that I would have to take another taxi because he can’t make it up the hills. Ummmmm ok… looks like I was cheated a bit, but it was early and I didn’t want to run the risk of missing my fight, so I gave him 20 pesos for the trip and got into another taxi.

I am currently in the Manila airport waiting to fly into Osaka. Then I will take a shuttle bus to another bus that will take me to Matsuyama. I board at 11pm and arrive into Matsuyama at 6:30am. Yikes. I’ve done overnigt buses in Thailand that were much longer, so this should be a piece of cake.

All this travel is definitely worth it because I get to spend the week with my big brother. On Sunday, we’re having a karaoke/silly hat night. It should be interesting since it will be my first time singing karaoke…

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