Welcome Back To China!

I was expecting to come back to a bunch of cockroach carcasses in my apartment because I scattered a bunch of cockroach poison before I left.  So far, so good.  No live or dead cockroaches anywhere!

I was sitting at my computer, posting the hundreds of pictures that I took on vacation when suddenly I heard a noise come from a plastic bag.  Out scurried a mouse that ran across my room to the corner near my boxes.

Of course, I did what anyone would naturally do: I screamed and jumped up on my chair.  After waking Mike up at 8am with a crazed phone call and arming myself with a broom and shower sandals, I was prepared to face it. The Beast.

I poked around and after about 30 minutes moved my boxes and things piled in the corner.  What did I discover?  Nothing more than a giant 4-inch wide hole in the wall. That mouse doesn’t even have to work to get into here.

Advice, please!  What should I do to plug this thing up?  I’ve already been to the store and they don’t carry mouse traps.  If Wal-Mart doesn’t have them, who will?

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1 Response to Welcome Back To China!

  1. jon viducich says:

    Man, Cara, I’ve killed two rats by hand in the past month or two, and lost a third in my pantry yesterday. There’s also a severe lack of mousetraps here, so I tried to build my own last night. If it works, I’ll let you know what did. Hope you’re well, old friend.


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