I Found Him

Before I left for Xi’an, I laid out four mouse trap stickers.  I thought that these traps would humanly capture the mouse without killing it.  Little did I know that these are some of the worst things to buy because the mouse will get stuck on it and will probably rip its own legs off when trying to get away.

When I got back to my apartment yesterday, I entered with caution.  I fully expected to find bloody stumps for legs on the stickers or to find a rotting mouse body.  But after inspection of each of the four stickers, I saw no sign of the mouse or bloody mouse stumps.

After I turned on my computer, I smelled a distinct odor.  Immediately, I knew it was a dead animal.  The question was… where is it?  I looked under my desk, in my bedroom, and then I found it.  I opened my desk cabinet and there he was.  Dead.  Decomposing.  Stinky.

I knew that there was no way for me to remove the mouse carcass by myself so I ran outside and asked the guards for help.  He got a tissue and picked up the body by the tail and calmly carried it outside.  Now all I have to do is get rid of that awful smell and deal with that moist stain it left in my cabinet.

Jon (AKA my fiancee)–my advice?  Leave for a weekend trip to Xi’an and when you get back, the rats will magically be dead.  🙂

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