We’re Back

I got into Shenzhen on Wednesday after a long and somewhat disappointing flight.  Unlike Korean Air, United did not have individual televisions on the back of every chair.  What am I supposed to do for 13 hours?  Not watch five movies, that’s what.  That trip would have been awful if not for the fact that Mike got on the same flight and was able to sit next to me.

For the first few days in Shenzhen, all the teachers stayed at Silver Lake Resort.  This is to help acclimate all the newbies and also to take care of the hospital visit, police interviews, and lots of paperwork.

Once I moved into my new school, I realized that I forgot something very important at the resort.  Wallet?  No.  Bag?  No.  Passport?  Definitely not.  I left the single most valuable thing in my possession.  I left my stuffed penguin pillow.  I called the resort and asked them, “I was just there with the foreign teachers.  I was in room 426.  I left something in my room”.  The woman replied, “oh, you left your doll”.  Haha yes.  My doll.  I’m a 24-year-old woman and I still carry around a doll.

I’m at the same school this year (thank goodness!) and I am so excited to start a new year with 500 new students.  Hopefully I don’t find any cockroaches or mice.  I found a gecko in my room, so maybe he’ll be my new pet.  If not, I suppose I can just eat him.

Mike and I signed up for a new gym today.  We bargained the fee down to 2,800 kuai (about $430) from 4,300.  Yay for persuasive powers!  It’s expensive but worth it, if not for the sole fact that the trainers leave us alone and don’t stare at us.


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2 Responses to We’re Back

  1. Mom says:

    Your public wants to know…did you get the penguin pillow pet back???


  2. Cara Miller says:

    Yeah, I got him back. I went with Mike to the Education Bureau and ran into an administrator at my school. He asked what I was doing, so I told him that I had to go to Silver Lake because I forgot something there. He insisted in taking me because he said it would be much faster and I wouldn’t have to pay for a cab. It was like a 15 minute car ride and I felt a little silly since I came back out of the hotel with a stuffed penguin and not something super important. Oopsies for wasting his time?


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