Utter Chaos

You know when you’re driving through an intersection, but the cars in front of you are at a stand-still, so you have to wait at the other side of the intersection to go through?  Then when you have space to move forward, you do so.  This might result in you missing the green light, thus having to wait through another red light, but at least you don’t clog the intersection.

I feel like this is common knowledge, although some people don’t necessarily follow these rules.  When they ignore these unwritten rules of driving (or maybe it’s actually a law?), then they get stuck in the intersection as the light going perpendicular to them turns red.  As a result, the cars whose light is green can’t go through and nobody goes anywhere.

While I was walking to the gym today, I witnessed such an event.  However, instead of car waiting at a complete standstill in the intersection, they went about it in a different way.  There were cars interwoven with each-other, sideways and diagonally, pointing in every which direction, while people absentmindedly walked between cars, and no car was moving anywhere.  Even if space opened up, it would have been impossible for them to move because there were cars angled every which way about the intersection.  It was utter chaos.

One car, trying so desperately to get through, decided to drive up onto the sidewalk median where there were a significant amount of pedestrians standing.  I watched, partly horrified, partly entertained, as he bumped up and down the sidewalk, and then onto freedom.

The truly shocking part was that it didn’t seem to bother anyone.

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