People Can Change…

…I however, am not one of those people.

I played soccer last Friday with some of my students after school.  I tried to go easy on the kids and pass the ball to the ones that weren’t getting the ball a lot.  You know, I was being a great educator.  🙂

But after about 15 minutes, I started really getting into it.  It’s pretty much impossible for me to stay relaxed when I play soccer.  I’ve been playing for my whole life, for goodness sake!  One of the older kids challenged me for the ball, and instinctively, I pushed him in the stomach in an attempt to shield the ball.  The wind was knocked out of him and he backed off.

Oops.  Sorry little 85-pound Chinese student.  I can’t turn it off.  Ever.

Remember the kid I had a big problem with last week?  You know, the one who kicked another student in the class and was nothing but trouble?  He was an angel today.  He participated (as much as he could), smiled and greeted me, helped me, and was a sweet little student.  He must’ve gotten reamed last week.  Here’s to hoping that he stays this sweet!

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3 Responses to People Can Change…

  1. Reminds me of when Jason tried to kick me in the face when we were playing a pickup hoops game….you guys must get that from Mom 🙂


  2. Cara Miller says:

    I love our competitive nature. I remember when we were kids, Anna and I were playing a chess game. Once I realized that she was going to win, I knocked all the chess pieces onto the ground and stormed away.


    • Mom says:

      Your mom is one of the least competitive people in your life! Besides I don’t get blame for faults…I get praise for virtues (: Bring on the praise!!!


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