I read about this in the newspaper a few days ago and it made me sick to my stomach.  A little girl was run over TWICE by vans and was ignored many times until finally somebody came to help her.  It is explained a bit more in the article, with the video near the end.

Little Girl Ignored

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2 Responses to Sickening…

  1. Mom says:

    I actually read this article in our Oregonian today and I too was sickened by the situation. Maybe China needs to look at passing a Good Samaritan law like we have here in the States. That law safeguards people from being sued if something went wrong during the rescue. I pray the little girl recovers.


  2. Cara Miller says:

    It’s really sad, isn’t it? I know I write about silly and funny things that happen here, but things like this also happen. I also read an article about some man protesting something or other in Shenzhen, and he hung two dogs by their necks from his apartment window 20 stories up. There was a photo of it in the newspaper and it made me so sad to see. 😦


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