Another Dinner

I went to Kairo’s house for dinner last night.  We were also joined by his primary school teacher, Cliff, (who he calls “Miss Cliff” because he can’t pronounce “Mister”).

We met at the school gate at 6pm then walked over to his house together.  Unfortunately, his mother was at the store buying vegetables, and he forgot his keys, so we had to wait outside on a park bench for about 45 minutes.  It was incredibly awkward, since it was getting dark and we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

His mom taught me how to make one of my favorite dishes, called pai huanggua.  It’s a cold cucumber dish with garlic and a slew of different oils.  We also had pig ear, pig intestines, chicken neck, cabbage, tomato and stir-fried egg, and tofu with pork shreds.  The intestine was actually really good and it’s supposed to be good for your health and stomach, but I didn’t care for the chicken neck.  It had too many tiny bones and it was a pain to eat.  Bah.

Here are some pictures from our dinner:

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