They Return

I’ve been pretty lucky this year.  I haven’t seen any large cockroaches or dead cockroach bodies.  I have seen a few tiny cockroach babies and have easily vanquished them with Raid.  They’re not as disgusting at this age because they haven’t yet developed their large, dark shell of a body and they’re only the size of a fingernail.

Today, all of that changed.

I was walking out of my kitchen (barefoot) when I just barely noticed a cockroach carcass.  I came SO close to stepping on it.  That would’ve been really traumatizing…  probably more traumatizing than the time when I stepped on a slug… barefoot.  Anyway, I proceeded to scream like a little baby, running around my room in a panic.  Then I called Mike and screamed some more.  For the record, it is not nice to laugh at someone while they are shrieking about a dead cockroach.  It’s not nice at all.   Anyway, I couldn’t just pick it up and throw it away because I couldn’t get too close to it.  It might’ve come back to life or attacked me or shot thousands of cockroach egg-babies into my mouth.

I gathered up my things so I could go teach class and decided to deal with the cockroach later.  I was still a bit shaken up when I got into the class, so the students asked me what was wrong.  Then I told them about the dead cockroach in my room and asked for their advice.  Their advice was to sweep it up, but I told them that I tried, but that I was too afraid.

One little boy in the front of the classroom bravely volunteered to sweep it up for me if I gave their class an extra star for the day.  (The kids earn one star if they are quiet/obedient during class, and for every 5 stars, they get to watch a movie).  Obviously, I agreed.  I ended class 5 minutes early so we could take care of the carcass.  Armed with a broom and dust pan, the student, along with 15 other students and I, marched up to my room to dispose of it.

Two minutes later, the cockroach was gone and I felt a bit more at ease.  The next time I need something done, I will bribe the students with a star.

Problem: solved.


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