Oh, the Fungus!

Mike and I went to Hong Kong for a quick day trip yesterday.  I had the day off for mid-term testing and Mike’s kids had military training.

Hong Kong is famous for its dim sum, which is a very traditional type of food that people eat in the morning/early afternoon with their family.  It’s referred to as “drinking or tasting tea”.

I remember the first time I got dim sum with a teacher from the school.  She invited me out to tea on a weekend.  Not sure what this was, I ate a hearty breakfast beforehand.  Then we got to the restaurant and it turns out that we were eating dim sum together.  I forced myself to eat so as not to be rude.

Anyway, dim sum is usually served by people pushing around carts of food.  Sitting at the table, you tell them what food you want and then they stamp your card based on the size of the dish.  There are a lot of different types of food, including meat stuffed dumplings, vegetables, chicken feet, spare ribs, noodles, rice and many others.

We went to one of the most famous dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong for breakfast.  According to Mike, it’s the best dim sum in the world.   This is based on the reasoning that Hong Kong has the best dim sum in the world and this is the most popular dim sum spot in Hong Kong.

After breakfast, we went to the Jade Market to do some shopping.  At this market, there were (supposedly) hundreds of stalls where people were selling jade jewelry, pearls, and lots of trinkets that you don’t need until you see it.

After we got back from Hong Kong, Mike and I decided to get a massage.  Our backs and legs were sore from all the walking we did and we felt like we deserved it (we did).  We went to the place that I normally go to, so we didn’t have to worry about brothels or women not wearing any undergarments.

After our massage was done, the masseuse was saying something about us having a lot of “shiqi”.  We’ve heard masseuses saying this before and since I had my iPod with me, we were able to look it up and found out that it is “eczema or fungus”.  So… Mike has a lot of “shiqi” and I have a little bit.  They said that our skin was very red and this is how we knew.  We think that it’s just because we actually have muscle and they’re not used to seeing this.

They suggested that we do some sort of treatment that they called “ba guan”.  I asked if it was fire cupping and they adamantly said no, it is not.  Unfortunately, “ba guan”, or “pulling out/up jar” is the same concept as fire cupping.  They massage your back with oil, rub your back and suction with the cup for a while, then put cups all over your back that use suction to draw up your blood cells.  It’s incredibly painful in the beginning, then as time goes on, its just very uncomfortable.  They did this for 10 minutes.  Google image it if you’re curious what it looks like.

I was unable to get a picture while the woman did it to me, but I had her take a picture of me when she was done.  Here’s the end result:

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