Oregon Trail

I tutor four very intelligent girls for two and a half hours every Saturday morning.  Their mother, who worked previously as a translator, has very good English.  She is usually milling around the apartment listening in on our lessons and always has something to say to me after the class.  She’s a really sweet lady and I always utilize her suggestions for the next class.  After all, these girls’ parents are paying me good money to teach their children, so they should get exactly what they want, even if it’s really boring for the girls.

Anyway, I taught the girls about the Oregon Trail and asked them to write and perform a skit for the following class.  Although they didn’t follow my directions exactly, I think they did a pretty good job, considering the fact that they basically eat, sleep, and breathe their school work.

The girls, from right to left, are Mimi, Lily, Angel and Ming.  In the beginning, they are introducing themselves and the character that they will be playing, but are having some difficulties in the process.

Oregon Trail Skit

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