Chinese Superstitions

I was talking with one of my Chinese friends the other day, and we started talking about interesting Chinese superstitions.  She said that older people generally believe these things to be true, not necessarily people our age.  They say:

The first month after you have a baby, you can’t wash your body.  At all.  If you let any water touch you, then when you are older, you will have arthritis where the water touched.  She says that drinking water is fine.

When women have their menstrual cycle, their body is very weak.  Therefore, they shouldn’t wash their hair because it’s bad for their health.  If you do wash your hair, then when you get older, you will have headaches often.

Chinese people, old and young, generally believe the following:

Don’t drink cold drinks because it’s bad for your health.  Water is generally served hot or at room temperature.  Putting ice into your drinks is not good for you.  They think that because your body is very hot, and drinks are cold, that it is like a shock to your body.  Since I’ve been in China, I have been drinking room temperature water because cold water is uncomfortable for me to drink.

You should not have space heaters, or any heaters for that matter, in your apartment.  If you have a heater on, then you will grow accustomed to the warmth.  Then when you go outside, your body is not used to it.  When you get old, it is bad for your bones.  But then again, if you are old, it’s fine to have a heater on to keep you comfortable.

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