Goodbye Bali

One of my favorite things about staying in hostels is the social aspect. You meet a wide variety of people from all over the world, most with the same goal of visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures.

Some people are traveling by themselves for the year in between high school and university. This “gap year” is really common with European students wanting to take some time off and explore the world. There are also people like me who have a holiday and have taken advantage of the time off. Then there are those who just needed some time off of work to relax in a beautiful country.

Whatever the reason, we are all brought together in a hostel, stuffed into bunked dorm rooms, fated to meet and discover each-others’ stories.

I’ve had the pleasure of making the acquaintances of some really interesting people while staying here in Bali. I’ve met a Mexican who is traveling for a few weeks before static school in Australia. a Dutch who speaks five languages, an American who has been traveling for two years, an English girl in her gap year, and a Chilean just passing through. I feel incredibly lucky to have met, eaten, explored, and experienced Bali with all these people. 

Unfortunately, I have to leave Bali tomorrow morning. I didn’t get to do the one thing that I had my heart set on, which was to hike up Mt. Batu to watch the sunrise. That would have meant getting up for a 2am pickup, but it would’ve been so worth it. Next time, I suppose.

On the bright side, I get to meet Mike in Thailand for a ten day vacation in Koh Samui. I only hope that the terrorists have been caught and their plans thwarted. 

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