Crazy Cabbies

It seems like a pre-requisite for taxi drivers in the SE Asian countries I’ve been in, to be reckless, impatient, and generally crazy on the road. Of course, they will probably try to rip you off by insisting that you don’t use the meter.

As I was on my way to the airport in Bali, I glanced up to see that we were driving in what appeared to be a three lane highway. It was actually just two lanes, but my driver (and many other drivers on the road) made a third lane by straddling the center line. Nobody seemed to mind, and either did I, because I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. While this was all happening, there were tons of little motor bikes weaving in and out of traffic.

Then today in Bangkok, our taxi fare came to 85 baht, so Mike paid with a 100 baht bill. The driver smirked back and us and smugly said, “sorry! No change!” and shrugged his shoulders. Good try, man. We had small bills with us to pay the correct fare.

Generally, I enjoy taxi rides because they make for very interesting trips. Plus, whenever they weave, honk, drive on the shoulder, and cut other people off, it just gets me to my destination that much faster.

Don’t worry Mom, I usually wear a seatbelt.

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