Welcome Back!

I got into the Hong Kong airport at around 11:30pm after almost 24 hours of traveling.  Eager to settle back into my apartment in Shenzhen, I bought a ticket for a shuttle that takes me directly from the airport across the border into China.  Almost immediately upon crossing the border, I was hounded with illegal “gypsy” taxi drivers, promising to help me with  my bags if I used their services.  After walking up and down two flights of stairs, faking a phone call to Mike, and telling them over and over that I didn’t want to get in their car, they finally left me alone.  Welcome back to China!

On Sunday afternoon, I was given a new schedule for this term.  One quick glance told me that they changed my schedule around a bit, which is normal for China… but no big deal, right?  Wrong.  The teacher informed me that I will be teaching Grade 2 (last term I taught Grade 1) and that I begin tomorrow morning.  Coming into this term, I felt care-free because I had a whole term of lessons already done.  This year, I was just going to use the same lessons.  But now that I’m teaching Grade 2 (the kids I taught last year), I can’t use the same lessons because it would be the same things that I taught them last year.  Dang.

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