Valentine’s Day

Since the school changed my schedule, most of the students and teachers don’t know that I am now teaching Grade 2.  One of the best receptions that I got was from a class that erupted into cheers and applause when they found out I was teaching their class.  That really made my day. 🙂

To add to the big ego boost, I’m having the kids write valentine cards to me, a friend, another teacher, etc.  In their cards, they’re supposed to write something nice about the person it’s for.  Here’s a sample of their cards:

  • You are the best teacher in the world!  You tell us lot of thing about stuy.
  • (To me) I love you forever. I hope that you will get a child in 2012.  You are very gorgeous.
  • I like the speed of you running.
  • You’re my good friend.  You’re short but you’re clever.
  • (To his father) I love you.  You help me to do many. I study many things from you.  You are the best friend for me and the best teacher for me.  You are the best father.
  • (To Obama) We love you!  You are a very good president of America.
  • I love you.  You are to hand.
  • You are the best in my heart!
  • I love you… I love you so so much… Forever…  So… U Kiss is my.
  • (To me) You are so beautiful!  I think your boyfriend’s hearts is belong with you!
  • I straight love you like a love song, any time, any where.
  • Your beauty is like moonlight.
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