Valentine’s Cont’d

Here are a few more awesome Valentine’s Day cards that my students wrote.   Sometimes my students really amaze me.

  • (To all the teachers in the world) Happy Valentine’s Day!  As students, we all thanks for you.  The world will becomes more beautiful because for you.  You make the world full of loves so You  not only teachers but also the angel in the sky.  The best wishes for you!  **Awww this one was so sweet!
  • (To a friend) You should write a letter about love for your girlfriend. And you should send a rose for you girlfriend.  You are very handsome except for your face.
  • (To me) You teaches well!  You are beautiful and clever.  You are patient to us and seldom angry with us.  We are very noise, but you always show smiles to us.  Your class is interesting, I really like it!  I wish you are more and more beautiful in the future.  I love you!
  • (To Mike <–I gave the students the option to write a valentine for me to give to Mike) I have a lot of things to say.  I always believe the sweet love story is older than the sea.  And you came into my life when I was unhappy.  You gave a meaning of the empty world of mine.  I can’t imagine what I am without you!

My students are the best!  That is… except when they’re noisy.  Then they’re the worst.

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