Safety First

There are some things that I’ve seen in China really baffle me.  It’s shocking how more people aren’t dead, maimed, or seriously injured.  Here’s some things that I’ve seen in the past five days:

  • Car tires attached to a rope and tied around student’s waists.  Then they run as fast as they can down the field while the tire is flipping and bouncing behind them.  I’m just waiting for the day when it knocks them out.
  • An ambulance with its sirens and lights blaring was waiting at an intersection for about 4 minutes while cars drove by, completely ignoring it.  It was only when the light turned green that the ambulance was able to move.
  • A baby riding in the front seat of a car in a car seat, facing forward.
  • A baby riding on somebody’s lap on a motorbike.  Of course, neither the rider nor the driver had any sort of protective headgear on.
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3 Responses to Safety First

  1. Jason says:

    Um, sister, I feel like now it’s my job to point out your grammar and spelling flaws (just as you did for me when I wrote you letters from college)…

    It’s is used for the contraction: “it is”, whereas its is used for showing possession.

    So the sentence reading “An ambulance with it’s sirens and lights blaring” ought to read: “An ambulance with **its** sirens and lights blaring…”

    Don’t forget your roots, ok? Megabear said: “Maybe it’s time for Cara to come home.” I couldn’t agree more.



  2. Cara Miller says:

    Ah poor Jason! I be so sorry that you had to endure that terrible grammar mistake. Its all fixed now, so no worries. Did you no that living in China has its up’s and downs. I learn a lot, not always from my teacher. My students are so smart. Their always correcting me when I do bad writing in hour class. I be happy when the thyme comes that I return back to America.


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