Pizza Hut

When I was in school, I learned a lot about Chinese culture, history, art, religion, etc.  Something that I found particularly interesting was that Pizza Hut is a popular restaurant in China.  People go here for fancy occasions and even take people here for dates to impress the other person.  Last weekend, I was finally able to try food at Pizza Hut.

I never would have thought that I would have to wait in line outside of a Pizza Hut.  But I did… for more than 20 minutes.  Once inside, I saw that the environment and surrounding decor was similar to a nice, upscale restaurant.  It was very open and also had dim lighting.  Plus, servers were everywhere with their hands behind their backs, waiting for a customer to beckon them over.

In the restroom, I was pleasantly surprised to see western style toilets, and not the regular squat pots you would see in most places.  Since many Chinese people are accustomed to the latter style toilets, I wasn’t surprised to see footprints on the toilet seat.

Looking around the restaurant, it seemed like most people were ordering Western-style pasta, appetizers such as salad, onion rings, chicken wings, and fries.  I saw very few pizzas, and the ones that I did see were tiny.  When they eat pizza and chicken wings, they often use plastic gloves.  At first, I found this quite comical.  But now, I think it’s genius.

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