Friday the 13th

Friday is my favorite day.  Not only do I only have one class that’s done at 11am, but it’s also one of my favorite and best behaved classes.  Every time I walk into the classroom, every single student is in their seat.  This is unlike most of my other classes, where I have students walking in late, walking around the classroom, or throwing books.  I also receive cheers and applause when I walk in.  It’s the best part of my day.

These kids never hesitate to ask me questions, appropriate or not.  The other week, one of the students asked me what “underpants” were.  I explained it to him while students around him giggled incessantly.  Later in class, the students were told to recite the stories they wrote about aliens.  This student said, “then the aliens came out of the spaceship and took my underpants.  Then the aliens put the underpants on their heads and walked around”.

The following week, the same group of students asked me what a “pad” was.  Not sure what their meaning was, I stuck with the g-rated explanation that a pad could be something that people sleep on, sort of like a mattress.  Shaking their heads, the students said, “no… it’s um… every month, a girl…”  Why ask if they already knew the answer?

This week, I was taught them about movies genres.  To start the class, I showed them movie posters and had the students summarize what the movie was about.  One of my favorite students stood up to explain Avatar, but he was having trouble coming up with the correct English words.  He used hand motions to show the word “planet”.  Another student then put up both of his hands and did a double front squeezing motion, saying “like this, right?”

Later in class, I was eliciting movie genres and students were yelling out, “action, love, comedy,” etc.  Then one student said, “SEX!”  I couldn’t do anything but sigh, shake my head, and make him put his head down on his desk.  The students around him laughed and pointed, calling him “yellow”.

This morning before class, a feisty little cockroach popped out from behind my sink.  I screamed and grabbed my cockroach poison.  I did a non-stop spray for about one minute while the cockroach scuttled around seeking shelter.  It finally settled down and died in my shower drain, which is about one inch deep.  I didn’t want to get him out for fear that he would re-animate and crawl up my arm.

I can usually bribe students to get cockroaches out of my apartment by offering candy or extra stars for their class.  But one of my students today insisted on an extra star for his class and a milk tea.  Seeing no other option, I agreed.  As long as that cockroach is out of my apartment, I think it’s a fair deal.

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