Teacher Win

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is having ultimate power.  Students are not as afraid of me as they are of other teachers because I don’t have a lot of power over them (no tests or homework, and I can’t call their parents).  But I can still instill a decent amount of fear into them… at least, I think.

Today in class, I saw three paper airplanes thrown within 5 seconds of each other. Already teaching on a short fuse, I walked over to the airplanes, ripped them up into tiny pieces, then threw them on the ground.  Then I pointed down to them and told the students to pick them up. 

Other things I’ve done throughout the year:

  • Threw a student’s book out of the third story window;
  • Tore up somebody’s homework paper (only in half, so they could tape it back together);
  • Grabbed a student’s chair out from under them after they refused to move;
  • Had a student fan me because it was too hot in the classroom;
  • Eaten food from many students that were eating in class (which they are not supposed to do).
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1 Response to Teacher Win

  1. Janet says:

    That is awesome! Way to stretch the teaching
    Power! I’m super proud


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