In class this week, I’ve been teaching the students about haikus.  I assumed that this would be easy since they wouldn’t have to do any rhyming, but I was wrong.  They understood what syllables were but had a difficult time figuring out how many syllables were in words, especially short words ending in “s”.  For example, the word “makes” isone syllable, but my students said it was three: “may-kuh-suh” or “jumps” is “jum-puh-suh”.  This is how you might pronounce those words in Chinese, but not in English. Here are some of my favorite haikus:


I really love you

You are so comfortable

I can not leave you.


Life is a struggle

we should deal with troubles

we can’t fall asleep?



I love you so much

I fall in you forever

never wake me up.


get up is so bad

I am just very out of it

sleep is the best thing.



a very kind man

every day get up early

love him very much.


I will write your name

and take away all the stars

you brighter than night.



you are a monster

students are eaten by you

we really hate you!


Wow! Happy New Years!

you can get pocket money

how happy I was.


oh I am so blue

don’t want to do anything

because I am sad.


Do you know Bat men?

oh! Yeah. of course I known It.

Yeah! I so love it.



Hi! Can I help you?

I want to buy a pencil.

It is five dollars.


Miss Cara

I love you so much

You let us happy smile

Pretty lovely girl.


What should I write now

the Haiku is difficult

I want to play games.


we go to the sky

to spread our dreams into the space

and we enjoy the air.


*The next three kids didn’t quite get the point of haikus.  Some of them had the right amount of syllables and one was close…  What is Bazinga?

If we like Miss Cara

We’ll be quiet and listening carefully

but unless we like, Bazinga!


I have air soft gun

Maths Class is very boring

Don’t drink Cola much.



Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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