Some Apologies From A student From Class 7 Beihuan Middle School

Class 7 is usually my best, most well-behaved class.  I love going to that class every week and we always have such a great time together.  But last week they were loud, disrespectful, and rude.  It was quite a shock for me.  I left their class about 10 minutes early because it didn’t seem to matter if I was there or not.  They were all doing other homework, talking, and messing around with each-other.  Before I left, I gave them a lecture about how disappointed I was in them, how I hoped that they’d come with a better attitude next week, etc.  Over the weekend, I received this e-mail:

Dear Miss Cara,

I am a student from Class 7.

First, i want say sorry to you about the class in (ues it right?) yesterday. i am so sorry about that we make you feel unhappy, and even a little angry. Maybe our classmates are just a little tired for examinations AND examinations .We will have a big examinations (中考)a years later .Now the Grade9 are  preparing the coming exam. We will be the same the next year the same time .If we do not achieve aim, we cannot go to high schools.  For that, the teachers do not want us to fail it, they give us newspapers, papers, and test books. We sometimes feel nervous.

So that we were worried about our grades and somebody want to talk with friends or play with them to make them relaxed. Though i think your class is very wonderful and make me really really relaxed, they may not realize it. Some of them was not keen on English so they did something bad make the class noisy and bad.:(

In heart ,you are the best foreign teacher i have ever seen.i feel  happy and comfortable in your class. I know you will not teach us next years so i am cherish your every classes.

I hope you can forgive us. We do not think the class is broing. We all like Typhoon (The new game “Yellow boy gets yellow card.!!!”) 🙂

Finally, there are some mistakes in this letter. I hope you can realize what I mean. Maybe the next will be better and i hope your throat is better.

In the end ,We are love you!!! 🙂


A boy (my name is Rick shi(not shit!!)) from class7

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