Hospital Visit

For the past week, I’ve had this terrible cough that keeps me up at nights.  I wake up coughing and sometimes it’s so bad that I can’t breathe and I start gagging.  Since it’s been such a long and I haven’t gotten any better, I decided to go to the hospital.

I went with Lili, an English teacher whose husband is a doctor at hospital.   It was about $1 to “register”, which was giving my name, phone number, sex, and birthday.  Then we walked into a room where a doctor was sitting at a desk.  His medical English was quite good, and after he asked me a series of questions, he diagnosed me with acute bronchitis.  A line quickly formed behind me (in the same room) of people who were also waiting to see the doctor.  Privacy was basically non-existent.

Then the doctor printed off a prescription for me and I was done.  I took it to a separate desk to pay for it, then I went to another desk to pick up the medication.  For the cough suppressant and antibiotics, it was only $10.  We’ll see if this Chinese medicine works!

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