Missed Appointment

One of the sweetest students in class 5 invited me out to lunch about three weeks ago.  Not feeling well, I declined but promised that we’d go the next week.  Then today after class, he ran after me and said, “Miss Cara, you have missed our appointment” (of having lunch).  I felt terrible that I forgot, so we went out for lunch.  He excitedly promised me that I have never been to this delicious restaurant before because it is so far away.

We ate with another student from his class.  Both have excellent English, so conversation was very fluid.  They were telling me that during the lunch period (from 12-2), they have to go to the library to “have a nap”.  It’s not actually napping, but they go there with other students to “have a rest”, do homework, read, etc.  Our lunch went until about 1:30 and the students were scared that the teacher in the library would call the parents and report to them.  They said that their parents would be too worried that they did not have enough of a rest and they would be tired.

In my opinion, this is completely understandable, since the kids are at school from about 7:30am till 5:45pm every day.  For about three weeks, they have had an extra class added at the end of every day.  This is because the school is remodeling this summer, so the students will get done with school earlier than the other middle schools.

We ate eggplant with pork, chicken with some sort of vegetable, and pigeon (which was absolutely amazing). 

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