Lunch With Yohi

As a last-minute effort to improve my Korean, I have been meeting with a Korean girl named Yohi.  She’s been living in China for about 8 years with her mother and father, and will go back to Korea next year.  We’ve been eating lunch together, where we work on her oral English and she helps me with Korean.  If we don’t understand each-other, we speak in Chinese.

Yesterday, she took me to her mother’s Korean restaurant and treated me to lunch.  While we were eating, some of the workers starting working on the table right next to us.  They were stuffing garlic, ginger, peppers, rice, and other things inside chicken butts.  Then they tied up the legs by poking holes in the skin and putting the legs through.  Yohi told me that they were preparing the chickens to be cooked, then eaten in soup.  Here are the pictures from our lunch:

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