If You’re Single and You Know It… Eat Some Pepero

It’s a special day here in Korea because it’s November 11th, also known as “Pepero Day (빼빼로데이)”.

People eat Pepero Sticks on this day to become taller and thinner because Pepero sticks are tall, thin, and so delicious.

Really, this holiday is just like Valentine’s Day because it’s an excuse for friends and loved ones to give Pepero sticks to each other.  And it’s a cash cow for the company that makes Pepero sticks (like Hallmark on Valentine’s Day).  I read somewhere that they make between 50-65% of their annual sales on Pepero Day.  And the internet never lies.

In order to become the tallest and thinnest, it’s said that on 11/11, one should eat 11 sticks at 11:11am (and 11 seconds) and 11 sticks at 11:11pm (and 11 seconds).

Does it still count if I eat (nay, inhale) Pepero sticks all day today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life? I’ll monitor my progress on getting taller and thinner as a function of the number of boxes that I eat.

Expect a full report in a month.

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2 Responses to If You’re Single and You Know It… Eat Some Pepero

  1. Stephen smith says:

    What do the sticks look like?


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