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Need a Tissue?

I saw a woman in a crowded tea shop lean about 3 feet over a trash can and snot-rocket into it.  Then she wiped her nose with a tissue. Advertisements

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Teacher Win

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is having ultimate power.  Students are not as afraid of me as they are of other teachers because I don’t have a lot of power over them (no tests or homework, … Continue reading

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Mike and Caitlin needed to add passport pages and the easiest place to do that is in Guangzhou at the American Embassy.  Mike and I met Al and Caitlin at the train station and took the 7:45am train (too early … Continue reading

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April In Pictures

I haven’t been posting a lot recently but I suppose that it’s because I haven’t been doing anything very exciting.  I had a random assortment of pictures on my camera, so I thought I’d share them with you here.  Enjoy!

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Dark and Stormy

For the past few days, Shenzhen has been experiencing thunder and lightning storms. This afternoon, there was a boom of thunder that was so strong that it set off all the car alarms by my school.   Seriously.

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Shopping in Dongmen

Dongmen is one of the busiest and most crowded shopping areas in Shenzhen.  I don’t dare wear my backpack on my back.  That would be like wearing a big target on my back, asking people to mug me.  Mike frequents … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Friday is my favorite day.  Not only do I only have one class that’s done at 11am, but it’s also one of my favorite and best behaved classes.  Every time I walk into the classroom, every single student is in … Continue reading

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Qing Ming Festival Pictures

I’m sure that I’ve posted about Qing Ming Festival 清明节 before, but just learned some new things this year.  Qing Ming Festival, or “Tomb Sweeping Festival” just recently became a public national holiday in 2008.  I was told by a friend that people asked the government to make it a public national holiday because they wanted the time off of work to pay homage to their ancestors. 

People use these three days off to travel back to their hometown and sweep their ancestor’s tombs, place flowers there, clean it up, pray, and burn paper money, clothes, and trinkets.  They burn these things because they think that these things will go to be with the deceased in heaven.  My friend even told me that people are now burning things such as paper iPads so that their loved ones will have things to play with as well.

Unfortunately, I had to teach on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the time that I had off Monday thru Wednesday. 

One of my students went to her hometown and she sent me some pictures that she took.  These can give you an idea of what other parts of China look like as well as what Qing Ming Festival is all about.


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Dinner With Kelly

One of my students invited me over to her house to have dinner with her family.  We started with some tasty dinner, post-dinner card games, and then we listened to American pop music.  The students who were there were neighbors … Continue reading

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Every week, I teach extra “English Corner” classes to Grade 1 and 2 after school.  These classes are for the kids who really want to improve their oral English and they usually have the best English in their classes. I … Continue reading

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