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Leaving And Loving Japan

Is it over already? I feel like I just flew into Japan yesterday and now I’m waiting at the airport in Tokyo for my flight to Australia (where it’s going to be 104 degrees!). Of course, there’s still an hour … Continue reading

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You Can Always Sleep Later

I’m exhausted. The kind of exhausted where I fall asleep during a 3-minute train ride, where my eyes are so heavy that I’m unsure if I’ll have the energy to get up to brush my teeth, where thoughts of a … Continue reading

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Vacation Pictures

Here are some highlight pictures from vacation:  

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I’m So Tired!

My week in Japan was tiring and totally worth it.  Kevin and his friends kept me busy all week with dinners, parties, dancing, karaoke, onsen-ing, and lots of episodes of How I Met Your Mother. A big thanks to Kevin … Continue reading

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Oh, Onsen!

If you ever come to Japan, I would strongly recommend visiting an onsen, which in Japanese means “hot spring”.  The only notion I had regarding onsens was what I saw in the anime movie, Spirited Away, where evil spirits roamed … Continue reading

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Japanese Meandering

Before I left the Philippines, I was worried that something would happen that would prevent me from making it all the way to Matsuyama.  After all, I don’t speak any Japanese and don’t know my way around the city.  I … Continue reading

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My Brother Is Also Supportive

Kevin: Try to be at least conversationally fluent in Japanese and Spanish before you get here… or you’ll have a terrible time… because I will not translate a single word for you. Cara: I’m learning some words in Japanese… so … Continue reading

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