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Wait. Balance. Surf.

Alright, so it’s been a few weeks… er… months, since I last posted. But what do you expect? I’ve been a busy woman. I traveled to Laos, the Philippines, back to Japan, and then I returned home to the United … Continue reading

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Songkran Festival: Wanna Have A Water Fight?

After meeting up with Patty (a college nickname for my friend–it kills me to call him “Pat” or “Patrick”) and my ill-timed sickness, we were running out of time to see everything that we had planned on seeing. The original plan … Continue reading

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Vacation Pictures

Here are some highlight pictures from vacation:  

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Goodbye Philippines, Hello Japan!

It’s such a nice change to go from China to the Philippines. People there are extremely friendly and most of them speak English. I can even wear my bag on my back without fear of getting pickpocketed. Everywhere you go, … Continue reading

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Restaurant Ponderings

Eating in the Philippines has a few differences with Chinese restaurants that I have come to appreciate (mostly). If you go to a restaurant in China, they will give you one menu. If you’re in a huge group, you might … Continue reading

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Delayed Yet Again

Nothing is worse than a missed flight. Therefore, we arrived to the airport in Manila with more than two hours to kill before our scheduled departure. Unfortunately, this area is experiencing a typhoon, which caused six brownouts over the course … Continue reading

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Just Like In The Movies

We scrapped our return ferry tickets so that we could spend few more days here and not have to endure the seemingly never-ending ferry ride. Instead, we booked $35 airline tickets to return to Manila tomorrow so that we can … Continue reading

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Bucket Shower

Every other day on the island of Coron, the water shuts off. Most places will store water to help get them through the days without water. Upon my return from an hour long workout, I discovered that our hostel apparently … Continue reading

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Coron Super Ferry

We took a 12-hour overnight Super Ferry from Manila to Coron and arrived this afternoon at 4pm (a bit late).  It was supposed to leave at midnight last night, but was delayed by two hours.  The Super Ferry only runs … Continue reading

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Philippines, The Land of Mangoes

I arrived in Manila on Thursday morning and was immediately stifled by the overwhelming heat and humidity.  Staying dry is nearly impossible.  It’s so hot that it sometimes feels like your breath is taken away once you step outside. I’ve … Continue reading

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